Trusted Flat Roof Solutions for Builders and Developers


Are You a Seasoned Developer, Architect, Surveyor or Self-Builder?

we delv –At High-Tech, we have decades of experience working closely with builders, developers, architects and other professional within the world of construction. Our highly skilled team have completed various large commercial flat roofing projects, including new builds, housing developments, warehouses, industrial units and much more. Having grown a reputation here in Essex, Kent, London and further afield, we often work closely with seasoned developers and self-builders, so no project is too simple, complex or large for our experienced flat roofing experts.

Whether you have a deadline looming and need our assistance, want access to the best quality flat roofing solutions – including leading edge-single-ply PVC membranes – or require a fully accredited flat roofing partner with full accountability, we’re here to help. Our fully trained roofing technicians handle each and every installation under the supervision of our quality control managers, meaning every flat roofing solution we deliver for builders and developers is safe, secure and cost-effective investment that benefits your bottom line.

Whether you’re looking for a flat roofing expert who is reliable, local and responsive to your needs, we can help you every step of the way.

Flat Roof Services for Main Contractors, Architects & Building Surveyors

From survey to pre-start, completion and maintenance, our flat roofing contractors can help you produce the best possible flat roof for your building, ensuring safety, performance and longevity. We’re often asked about the advantages of single-ply PVC waterproofing membranes for new builds, commercial construction projects and emerging housing developments. The answer? Unmatched protection.

Across the whole of the UK, we often wake up to weather that simply does not match up to the day’s forecast. From warm sunshine to heavy rain, hail and frost – sometimes all in a day – we need reliable flat roofs that can live up to the rigours of a harsh winter and a somewhat surprisingly scorching summer. Our flat roof specialists have developed longstanding, proactive relationships with principal contractors, architects and building surveyors, and we’re certified to install Sarnafil, Danosa, and Protan PVC membranes, among many others, giving you all the following advantages:


  • Unlike conventional roofing systems, we can install our membranes onto existing timbers or as an overlay, making them perfect for large commercial roofs.
  • Single-ply PVC waterproofing membranes guarantee excellent protection against water damage, lasting up to 10 years longer than other materials, ensuring reliability and steadfast performance over time.
  • As we’ve touched on, the drastic change in temperature can cause membranes to expand and contract. Our solutions thrive in all climates with exceptional resistance to ageing.
  • Another big win not to be ignored is the fact that there’s going to be less need for costly maintenance work in the long run. Also, the need for frequent repairs or replacements is greatly reduced, leading to substantial long-term cost savings.
  • Our Commercial Guarantee: We provide a 20-year commercial guarantee, fully backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, giving you total peace of mind.

High-Tech: Correct Solution, Quality Installation and a 20-Year Guarantee

Our accreditations include CompetentRoofer, the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, and recognition from organisations like HomePro, TrustATrader, CheckATrade, while High-Tech’s team are also licensed installers for Protan, Sarnafil assured, and registered suppliers and installers for Danosa.

From large housing developments to retirement villages, apartment complexes, senior living communities, student housing, modular housing, mixed-use developments and commercial properties, we have the skills, staff and experience to complete your residential or commercial flat roofing project, and your solution will be backed by a 20-year guarantee!

Our friendly team are always happy to answer your questions, so whether you’d prefer to visit our showroom, start things off with a survey or cal us to explain your project in more detail, we’d love to hear from you! Simply, send us a message, drop us an email or call us on the telephone number at the top of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we book a meeting to discuss the project?
High-Tech Membrane Roofing is always happy to discuss your projects and needs in more detail. We can also run through some of our past projects if it’s relevant and run through timeframes and cost estimates. The best starting point it to reach out to our team here or call us.
Is maintenance necessary for flat roofs?
No, our roofing system doesn’t require regular upkeep, and there’s no need for additional sun protection, thanks to the Solar Reflective Membranes.
How long should a commercial flat roof last?
Our membranes consist of a single-ply polyester fibre-reinforced PVC waterproofing material that remains impervious to the effects of expansion and contractiondelivering excellent resistance to weather damage and ageing with a proven life span of over 40 years and counting.
Are you able to walk on a flat roof?
Yes, if you opt for our preferred membrane, Protan, as this includes an anti-slip finish, allowing safe light foot traffic for maintenance access.
What warranty does my flat roof include?
With High Tech, your commercial flat roof is backed by a robust 20-year guarantee, supported by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. At the same time, all of our warranties are transferable, and we can even provide an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) for added assurance.
Do you have a safety plan in place for your roofing professionals?
Absolutely and we will always run through this with you in detail. Do keep in mind that the right design can eliminate hazards and make the risks associated with roof access easier to manage from the very start, and we will consider everything, from drainage to access points, guardrails, parapets, materials, fall arrest systems, PPE, training, building codes, regulations and everything in between, ensuring you not only get the quality solution you’re looking for on time, and on budget, but added safety at every stage of the project.