Dependable Flat Roof Solutions for the Healthcare Sector


Flat Roofing for the Healthcare Sector: New Roofs, Refurbishments & Repairs

Here at High-Tech, we’ve been delivering safe, cost-effective and long-lasting flat roofing solutions for the healthcare sector since 1999. Whether you require a new flat roof, a refurbishment or a flat roof repair in Essex, Kent, London or a surrounding area, we install flat roofs that you can count on for decades. With minimal maintenance, a 20-year guarantee and high-quality materials, we have developed longstanding relationships with leading NHS trusts as well as a diverse mix of clients across the broader healthcare and social care sectors. From clinics to dental practices, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, hospices, assisted living facilities, outpatient clinics to physical therapy centres, laboratories and pharmacies, we carry out our work on time and on budget, causing minimal disruption to you and your patients.

Our fully trained roofing technicians always carry out their work under the strict supervision of our quality control managers, and it’s their duty to ensure every flat roof we install, refurbish, or repair is safe, durable and dependable for decades to come. Whether you’re looking for a trusted local roofing contractor or a commercial flat roofing expert with decades of experience working closely with healthcare clients, we’re always on hand to answer any questions you have. Whether you’d like to learn more about the projects we’ve worked on recently or wish to pencil in a survey, the best starting point is to reach out to us here or call us using the telephone number at the top of this page.

Flat Roof Services for Healthcare Facilities: Minimal downtime, excellent value & heightened safety

From our initial survey to planning, installation and maintenance, our flat roofing contractors can help you get the best protection against the elements. One of the reasons why we opt for single-ply PVC waterproofing membranes is because installations can be completed quickly and efficiently, however, you also get the safety, performance and longevity you and your patients deserve, ensuring minimal downtime or disruptions, not just now, but for the years ahead. The installation itself is clean, with no hot works or gas torches required, and we provide a 20-year guarantee on our work across the healthcare sector.

We are certified to install PVC membranes from all of the leading brands, including Sarnafil, Danosa and Protan, which are all tried and tested to withstand harsh climates, demonstrating extremely high resistance to ageing. We know how important it is to ensure your facilities are not only safe and reliable, but look clean and professional, delivering excellent performance all year round without any major maintenance required. Below are just a few of the main benefits you’ll reap by choosing High-Tech for your medical facilities’ flat roof installation:

  • Unrivalled protection against water damage, easily lasting 10 years longer than other materials
  • Reliable performance over decades, not just a few years!
  • No costly maintenance work in the long run as we eliminate the need for frequent repairs or replacements.
  • A 20-year guarantee, fully backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, gives you total peace of mind.
  • We have decades of experience providing flat roofing for healthcare, so no matter the size, scale or complexity of your building design, we can meet your needs.

High-Tech: A Safe, Dependable & High-Quality Flat Roof For Healthcare & Medical Sectors Backed by a 20-Year Guarantee

There are a few key ingredients involved in the making of a dependable flat roof that looks as great as it performs. The quality of the materials is crucial, and that’s why we only use products that are proven in our industry and have been for many years. At the same time, there’s no point in having the best quality materials without an experienced contractor on hand to carry out the work. Then there’s the process itself – the installation should be clean and tidy, ensuring minimal downtime or disruptions.

We carry out projects from start to finish, delivering top-quality flat roofing for the healthcare and medical sectors. The 20-year guarantee you’ll receive as part of our service will also protect you from any issues that may arise from the installation, so you can make an investment for your medical building with complete peace of mind, knowing you’re property is well protected for the many years ahead, and not the few.

If you have any questions about our materials, processes, timescales or estimates, is always best to reach out to us using our contact form, or by calling us on 01268 261423.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we book a meeting to discuss the project?

Whether you’re a practice manager, healthcare architect, facility manager, hospital administrator, building engineer or health and safety officer, we’re always happy to discuss your project in person, in great detail. This also gives us a chance to showcase some of the projects we’ve worked on recently, and that includes a great deal of flat roofing for medical and healthcare buildings.

Is maintenance necessary for flat roofs?

No. As we’ve touched on above, our roofing system simply does not require regular upkeep, and there’s no need for additional sun protection thanks to the Solar Reflective Membranes we utilise.

How long should a commercial flat roof last?

One of the main reasons why we opt for a single-ply polyester fibre-reinforced PVC waterproofing material is that it does not expand or contract like other roofing materials, meaning you have excellent resistance from the get-go and a proven life span of over 40 years and counting.

What warranty does my flat roof include?

A 20-year guarantee, supported by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. It’s worth keeping in mind that all of our warranties are transferable, and we can even provide an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

Do you have a safety plan in place for your roofing professionals?

Yes, we take a safety-first approach for all healthcare facilities. We minimise hazards and risks associated with roof access and consider everything, from drainage to access points, guardrails, parapets, materials, fall arrest systems, PPE, training, building codes and the latest regulations.