Tried & Tested Flat Roofing For Offices & Business Parks


Flat Roofing for: Offices, Business Parks & Industrial Estates

Across the UK, we see flat roofs installed across a comprehensive range of buildings, but especially business parks and offices. This is down to a combination of practical, economic and architectural benefits, such as the ability to cover a great deal of space (and create extra room for various purposes such as HVAC), provide a minimal aesthetic that’s easy on the eye, ensure cost-effectiveness now and in the future and comply with specific building height restrictions.  

No matter the size, scale or complexity of your office building, High-Tech Membrane Roofing can exceed your expectations with flat roofing for offices and business parks backed by a 20-year guarantee.
We work quickly and efficiently to deliver small and large flat roofing projects on time, and on budget. Our fully trained roofing technicians always carry out our work under strict supervision (of our quality control managers) to make sure every flat roof we install, refurbish, or repair is safe, robust and reliable for many years to come. Every business park or set of offices is different.

Whether your top priority is driving energy efficiency, improving green performance, ensuring long-lasting protection against the harsh British weather or improving drainage and wind uplift resistance, we can provide a high-quality flat roof that’s built to last. With all of our commercial clients, the best starting point is to reach out to us here or call us using the telephone number at the top of this page.

Flat Roof Services for Business Parks and Offices: Minimal disruption, excellent value & durability for decades

Having built a solid reputation in the industry, we’ve specialised in flat roofing design, installation, refurbishment, and maintenance for commercial and industrial buildings for decades, with a particular focus on offices and business parks. Whether you’re the facilities manager for a large business park in Essex, the property owner, a real estate developer or the property manager, we carry out flat roofing for companies of all sizes and sectors.

With our robust, durable and proven PVC waterproof membranes, High-Tech ensures only the best quality materials and products come into play, ensuring you get the resilience, safety and longevity you need to protection your staff, tenants and visitors. From small offices to large projects involving multiple business parks in Essex, Kent and London, we can help you improve energy efficiency and sustainability while minimising maintenance in the long run. High-Tech Membrane Roofing is a Fair Trades quality assured company – a testament to our dedication to superior service. In addition, we are endorsed by HomePro, as well as being recognised by Trust A Trader and Check A Trade. Our credentials also extend to being licensed installers for Protan, Sarnafil, and Danosa, with each of these renowned brands affirming our capability to deliver exceptional results on time and on budget.


High-Tech: A Safe, Dependable & High-Quality Flat Roof For Offices Of All Sizes, Backed by a 20-Year Guarantee!

From draining to efficiency, lifespan and cost-effectiveness, we design and deliver flat roofs that make a meaningful difference to the overall health of your building, as well as protection for now and the many years ahead. With a 20-year guarantee on all of our commercial flat roofs, you can make an investment for the future with complete peace of mind. Single-ply membranes can be used on roofs of all shapes and sizes – whether that’s flat, sloped or curved.

The materials we utilise when carrying out flat roofing for offices and business parks are also resistant to high and low temperatures while being UV-resistant and flame-retardant. Safety is our utmost priority, so whether you need our help installing a robust single-ply flat that’s as lightweight as it is flexible and durable, we can exceed your exceptions, keep costs as low as possible and deliver quality workmanship in a timely manner, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we book a meeting to discuss the project?

We’re here to help. Whether you have one or a few questions about our flat roofing solutions for business parks, offices and government-occupied buildings? You can reach out to us using our contact form, or by calling us on 01268 261423.

Is maintenance necessary for flat roofs?

No. As we’ve touched on above, our Protan and Sarnafil single-ply flat roofing membranes do not require regular upkeep, and there’s no need for additional sun protection thanks to their solar reflective qualities.

How long should a commercial flat roof last?

It depends on your office or business park design, the amount of foot traffic, TLC and maintenance, but to give you an example, the Protan and Sarnafil single-ply flat roofing membranes carry a 40-year BBA life expectancy certificate. We also offer a 20-year guarantee on our works, and it’s worth keeping in mind that all of our warranties are transferable. Our team can even provide you with an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

Do you have a safety plan in place for your roofing professionals?

Yes, we take a safety-first approach for all offices and commercial properties, no matter the size. Before any work begins, we carefully consider drainage to access points, guardrails, parapets, materials, fall arrest systems, PPE, training, building codes and the latest regulations. Put simply, we follow all health and safety requirements.