Unbiased reasons why flat roofs come up trumps

October 18, 2023
"If you're looking for a roofing solution that has the potential to transform your home, you may want to consider a flat roof. "
Unbiased reasons why flat roofs come up trumps

If you’re looking for a roofing solution that has the potential to transform your home, you may want to consider a flat roof. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing roof or build a new one, flat roofs come with a plethora of advantages over pitched roofs that you might not have considered.

Flat roofs cost less and more energy efficient than pitched roofs

One key benefit is the cost savings that come with installing flat roofs. Due to their simple design and their ability to work effectively with existing structures, flat roofs are far cheaper than pitched roofs while also providing far better insulating properties. This is due in part to the extra room created between the house and the roof when a pitched roof is installed. With a flat roof, this spacing is much lesser, providing more insulation and thus leading to energy-efficiency and cost savings.

Flat roofs provide the perfect surface to put skylights on

Not only are flat roofs a cheaper and more energy-efficient option than pitched roofs, they also offer much more customisation.

Given their simple design, they can easily take advantage of technology like skylights which can add volume and brightness to living spaces beneath them. Skylights provide an even dispersion of natural light that brings both form and function to one’s home.

However, installing skylights on a pitched roof can be expensive due to additional supports that may be required to ensure its stability.

With a flat roof, however, no additional reinforcement is necessary as it already offers superior strength against inclement weather conditions and can also safely handle the extra weight of skylights or other technological additions.

Quicker to install

Flat roofs also offer easier installation compared to pitched roofs due in part to their lightweight materials. This makes them perfect for older homes undergoing renovations who may be subject to budgetary constraints or tight timelines.

Flat roofs can also provide greater safety thanks to their low profile allowing for easier maintenance and cleaning – two tasks some homeowners may feel uncomfortable undertaking from high up on a pitched roof.

Less susceptible to high wind damage

Moreover, given their lower profile and simpler structure they are often less susceptible to damage caused by heavy snowfall or strong winds, making them a safer and more secure option compared to pitched roofs.

All in all, flat roofs can be seen as having distinct advantages over pitched roofs when it comes to cost savings, energy efficiency, safety, durability, ease of installation and maintenance.

With customisable options like skylights and technological additions, along with an attractive look that will instantly transform the look of any home, it’s easy to see why flat roofs are quickly becoming the go-to solution for homeowners everywhere.

Steve Thornton – Author

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