What’s the Best Choice for Your Commercial Flat Roof

December 6, 2023
"Welcome to the world of roofing excellence, where our commercial team specialises in single-ply PVC waterproofing membranes. "
the best choice of commercial flat roofs

1. Introduction

Welcome to the world of roofing excellence, where our commercial team specialises in single-ply PVC waterproofing membranes. This article will delve into the features, benefits, and unique aspects of our preferred membranes — Sarnafil, Danosa, and Protan.

2. Single-Ply PVC Membrane Features

Our preferred membranes are crafted from single-ply polyester fibre-reinforced PVC, offering unparalleled resistance to expansion and contraction. Unlike many traditional roofing systems, these membranes are unaffected by climatic variations, ensuring durability in all conditions.

3. Preferred Membranes: Sarnafil, Danosa, Protan

Certified and licensed, we proudly supply and install the highly acclaimed Sarnafil, Danosa, and Protan single-ply PVC membranes. These membranes provide freedom of choice in flat roof design for new constructions and refurbishments.

4. Installation Flexibility

One of the standout features is our ability to install these membranes onto existing timbers, a unique capability that sets us apart. Additionally, these membranes can be seamlessly fitted as an overlay installation, making them an ideal solution for large commercial roofs.

5. Climate-Resistant and Aging Benefits

Our PVC membranes are proven to withstand all climates, exhibiting extremely high resistance to ageing. This climate resilience ensures a long-lasting solution for commercial roofs, adding an extra layer of reliability.

6. Longevity: Over 40 Years

With proven life spans exceeding 40 years and counting, our Sarnafil, Danosa, and Protan membranes stand as a testament to their longevity. Investing in these membranes means investing in your commercial roof’s enduring protection and performance.

7. Conclusion

In conclusion, our roofing specialists bring a wealth of expertise to the table, offering innovative solutions with single-ply PVC membranes.

From design freedom to certified installations and long-term reliability, our membranes redefine the standards for commercial roofing.

Choose excellence; choose our single-ply PVC waterproofing membranes.

Our commercial team offers a rock solid 20-year commercial guarantee

Steve Thornton – Author

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